TPU craze is rising all over the world


TPU craze is rising all over the world 

In recent years, there has been a global TPU craze, during which there are four most cited gaze events. They are:The first was LUBRIZOL's $1.84 billion acquisition of NOVEN. Wall Street gave the successful acquisition high comments, after the acquisition of lubrizol shares all the way up from 25The yuan soared to $64.

The second is: the acquisition of Taiwan's Ure Tech Co., ltd. by Germany's Bayer. As a well-known TPU manufacturer in Taiwan, Taiwan has a large TPU market share in China's mainland. Bayer is a world-renowned large multinational company of polyurethane raw materials and products. After Bayer's acquisition of youde, the TPU market in the asia-pacific region will be greatly strengthened.

The third thing is that foreign multinational companies set off TPU investment craze in mainland China. Novo has built a TPU production line with an annual output of 5,000 tons in songjiang, Shanghai. (phase I) mainly used for the production of TPU and other high-grade products, and the phase ii will be expanded to 10,000 t/a. BASF of Germany has built an annual production line of 5000 in pudong, Shanghai, and mainly used for the domestic production of TPU chips for melt spinning spandex.

The fourth is: China's local TPU production capacity expansion hot China's TPU rapid expansion has become a highlight of TPE and PUE (polyurethane unisex). In 2006, the global consumption of TPU was about 265,000. Sixty thousand americansT: 80,000 t in Western Europe, 15,000 t in Japan and 110,000 t in Chinese mainland. The consumption of TPU in Chinese mainland has approached half of the global consumption. China has become the world's largest TPU manufacturing and consumption center.